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With more than 15 years of experience Choreographing Quinceañeras we are able to adapt our packages and services to every situation, desires and dreams, we are here for you and to make your Special Day unique and enjoyable, stress free and unforgettable. 

Wedding Dance Packages

First Wedding Dance Sway Dance Chicago%%



Here you will learn from 5 to 8 steps, and we can include a simple and easy lift (or a special move) that will surprise your guests and will generate great compliments. 

Included: Choreography with your favorite song, dip at the end, easy lift (or a special move) & great moments for pictures 


7 Lessons

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Quinceañeras and Sweet 16

           Dance Packages



“Elegant Quinceañera Waltz”

We will choreograph a personalized unique Waltz with simple dance steps to follow her favorite song making her look beautiful, confident and relaxed.

Included: Choreography with her favorite song, dip at the end great moments for pictures.

4 Lessons 



Besides the elegant waltz, will have included 2 different songs of her choosing for the Surprise Dance. Change of clothing, upbeat music, accompanied by her court, showing confidence, joy and excitement they will perform great yet easy to learn routines that will surprise the audience by their new talents 


10 Lessons




Here is where her true colors and likes come to play, adding to the Elegant Waltz and Surprise Dances more audience engagement routines with dips, change of rhythm, more professional looking moves and choreography, great memories from before and after the show, keeping their performance in the audience’s mind as unforgettable. 


14 Lessons



With this package you will learn 4 different steps that will make you look confident and relaxed on the Dance Floor. 


Included: Choreography with your favorite song, dip at the end, great moments for pictures.


4 lessons




Here you will learn from 9 to 12 steps and we could choreograph a second song more upbeat if desired to cheer up the crowd and to loosen up after the most romantic moment of your life. 

Included: Two choreographies with your favorite song (one romantic and one upbeat), dip at the end, great moments for pictures.

10 lessons

Need help planning?

Being a Professional Dancer from Cuba I have Choreographed and organized/planned the ceremony for more than 15 Quinceañera's Parties giving me experience with all the possible things that could go wrong that day including cold feet and stressful situations for the family, and let me tell you, I am always one step ahead, I'll be your right hand choosing the right songs, DJ,  how to enter the dance floor, how to schedule the party to give everything the perfect timing- so that day while I deal with preparation, arrangements and schedules you and your family will fully enjoy this beautiful- once in a lifetime experience.