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High energy class created to engage their memory and coordination engaging their creativity with their minds focused on something they love.
For 3yrs - 7yrs old

If you are looking to have FUN with your child and do something together here it is: ZUMBA for all levels, a workout based on dances, cardio, coordination and cool moves. You are ready for this, take the leap and show your child you Rock!💃🏻🕺🏻

 This class will develop their listening and motor skills, their balance, learning basic arms and leg positions from ballet developing their creativity with their minds focus on something they love.

For 2yrs - 6yrs old

Tumbling, Hip Hop and dancing in general are great ways for kids to build their confidence and independence. This high energy class will be focused on Nature/Animals developing their strength, stability, eye/ hand coordination that will help them prevent injuries if they fall. 

For 4yrs - 9yrs old

Foundational ballet training for beginner students -Development of long and strong muscles in their arms and legs that will help them gain a sense of self-confidence and pride in their bodies, developing strength, flexibility, technical ability and artistry beauty learning something they will never forget.
For 10yrs - 16 yrs old

High energy class that explores the expressive styles of jazz. Building on the fundamentals of jazz movements including jumps, turns, across the floor progression, and stylized movement. This class will encourage students to bring their individuality and unique personality to the class building up their confidence and pride. 

For 10yrs - 16yrs old.

Each class focuses on classic party dance moves, popping & locking drills, introducing basic hip hop movements and terminology . Class starts with a thorough warm up to build core strength and body control, a break down of the latest funk and hip-hop moves, followed by choreography to develop your expressive abilities.

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