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If you desire to learn how to dance, lead/follow or even both in any specific dance style or multiple styles while getting to point where you never forget it and developing the confidence in yourself to be able to dance for the rest of your life then this is the ideal option for the streamlined learning since all of our attention will be focus solely on your dance interest and your learning needs. The advantage would be greater progress in a simplified and economical way. Our first lesson will assist us in learning the best teaching method and then we make a curriculum that focuses on your needs, experience, coordination, learning skills and more .

All the classes listed bellow are

        Group Lessons/ 30mins

This class will be for beginners, you will learn basics steps of bachata and salsa,  adding styling and shines combinations, getting familiar with the music and rhythms of each style. This will be steps that you can definitely use with a partner when the time comes.

This class will be focus on how to coordinate arms, shoulders, head, hips and legs movements to look even more beautiful and confident with a professional style.

A class where you will work on strengthening, stretching, rhythm, cardio, sweat and all of it while dancing, upbeat music to keep you going and excited, give yourself a chance to try it out, no more gym or boring workouts.

In this class we will improve the strength for your arms, legs, gluteus, back and abs working on the little muscles that support the big muscles, to develop flexibility, balance and control.

Have FUN with your child and do something together: ZUMBA for all levels, a workout based on dances, cardio, coordination and cool moves show your child you Rock!💃🏻🕺🏻You don't need to have a child to join us.

Learn how to improve your sensuality and to take advantage of your feminine skills developing strength with an irresistible image and appearance.

Every picture has a link for day/time  that will take you to the registration page. Check the Gallery for video samples of each lesson offered.

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